The lab at CROSSLYNX is equipped to perform various tests which are meant to suit the needs of our clients. RF technologies like BLE, LoRa, WiFi, Sub Ghz, 2.4 Ghz mesh or point

solution testing for performance, far field, immunity and so on.Test for Power Supply reliability in adverse conditions and battery power and end of life performance are also conducted at CROSSLYNX Lab. CROSSLYNX also develops end to end IoT product testing for two-way communication between cloud and device.

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CROSSLYNX orchestrates the process of product development for its clients through product engineering, process engineering and product prototyping for new products. CROSSLYNX has the team

of experts which have developed the M2M solution for their clients and have developed platforms for sensors and semiconductors. CROSSLYNX develops the layout for PCBs, validates hardware design of products manufactured by clients, and guides its clients in the process of conforming to the Industry Standards, component selection and BOM optimization, integration of communication stacks and Gerber Generation and Verification.

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CROSSLYNX is an IoT company with a team expert in firmware designing and testing. We execute tasks such as application portability, enabling HW scaling,development of the

multi-standard compliant platform, porting from one OS to another, designing drivers for an HW module and migration to a new HW platform.In the area of embedded testing, we design complete automated test frameworks for specification testing, standards compliance, and testing software robustness for handling real field conditions.

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CROSSLYNX provides Intelligent Visualization and actionable information in the form of reports, charts for predictive analysis on various platforms for the data collected and stored.

Application Development Services include:

  • Cloud Application Development

  • Mobile Application Development

  • UI/UX Design and Development

  • PC Applications – Billing SW, Test Suite

  • Device and Sensor Adopter Development

  • Data Analytics Software Development

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With a growth in the IoT devices and everything getting connected on the internet, threats have also increased. The chances of a breach in software security and exposure of critical

information have increased due to weak embedded OS. In the process of end-to-end connection of machines, there are various stages at which security breach can take place.

CROSSLYNX helps its clients in eliminating these vulnerable threats present at the various stages of the M2M network. Designs of products and software made at CROSSLYNX are developed to secure communication between the devices and guard them again malware attacks. CROSSLYNX addresses security within Wireless Sensor Networks integral to M2M and IoT.

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CROSSLYNX confers the knowledge of IoT, trends, standards, stakeholders and latest technology existing in the arena to its clients seeking opportunity to develop their business or facing

challenges in the industry.

The experts at CROSSLYNX have been a part of management teams of various companies and have executed projects in various areas of IoT. CROSSLYNX has the skillset and resources to consult its clients in the process of brand building, market research and development of strategy, representation at industry/ government forums and training required for execution of projects to be implemented in IoT ecosystem. CROSSLYNX believes in understanding the needs of its clients and developing customized solutions for its clients.

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