Power & RF Lab



CROSSLYNX has a state of the art lab developed for RF (Radio Frequency) testing and Device Qualification. CROSSLYNX understands our clients’ testing needs and provides the real-world data to develop a new product or service or improve an existing one.

Our Domain experts develop truly excellent solutions, making your business more secure and enhancing the quality of your goods and services. Our services offer you important gains in quality—for technology, process, products, business decisions and activities. With our expertise in respective area, we provide single window services to strengthen your product and its credibility in global and local marketplaces. Thus, we partner you in your endeavour to achieve a prominent position within the competitive market.

Automation testing is our strength and we provide the test facility typically in below domains.

Expertise Test domains:

  • EMI/EMC Testing

  • Pre-Compliance Testing

  • Customised Type testing and Reporting

  • Development Assistance for EMI/EMC

  • Environmental Testing (Climatic test)

  • Performance & Reliability Testing

Automated testing platform facility for:

  • EMI/EMC testing

    • Radiated Emission

    • Radiated Susceptibility

    • Conducted Emission

    • Harmonic Current Emission

    • Flicker & Fluctuation

    • ESD & Surge

    • Electrical Fast Transient

    • Voltage Dips and Interruptions

    • Power Frequency Magnetic Field


  • Environmental test facility

    • Temperature range from -55°C to 115°C

    • Cycle rates from 2°C to 5°C / minute.

    • Relative Humidity from 20% to 95%.

    • IR based thermal Imaging test

    • Critical component temperature test

  •  Electrical parameter test facility

    • Power validation for LED Drivers

    • Short Circuit protection test

    • Voltage regulation & Ripple test

    • Rapid Power interruption cycling test

    • Maximum Transmit Current Test

    • Minimum Input Voltage Test

    • Voltage Regulation and Ripple test

    • Startup Inrush current

    • Last Gasp & Holdup test


  •  RF validation testing

    • RF Immunity test (200Khz to 3Ghz)

    • Radiated power test (Antenna pattern)

    • RF Susceptibility test (Rx sensitivity)

    • Power Supply Radiated Noise Test

    • Communication module validation test