The reach of internet and connectivity with objects around us will be beyond our imagination in the coming years and CROSSLYNX being an integral part of this ecosystem offers solutions for various industries like Smart City, Surveillance, Logistics,Lighting,Electric Vehicle and Utilities.

Smart Utilities

Smart meters have become the device which will contribute towards sustainable development. The use of IoT has made the concept of efficient utilization of energy and cost reduction. CROSSLYNX has the infrastructure to perform testing services

for electric and water meters. Logistics: In the fast-paced life, companies and customers both want to receive their products on time or be connected with the movement of products on their way to the destination.

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Smart City

A smart city has various disintegrated functions which need to be integrated with a Command and Control Center. CROSSLYNX has the ability to design and develop such Integrated Command and Control Centers to unite all the functions in a city.

The smart city solutions at CROSSLYNX bring together the analytic software, sensors, machines, surveillance data on the cloud and all the other equipment to streamline the process of city management.

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Smart Lighting

With the growing need for smart devices, intelligent and efficient lighting has become the need of the hour. Lights are embedded with sensors which collect information to utilize energy efficiency and create a digital environment. Smart

lighting saves energy costs, has low maintenance, and can be controlled from remote places.We help in creating the robust design of LED drivers 7W-200W and test the driver efficacy.

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Surging crime rates and increasingly security conscious society have contributed towards increased demand for surveillance and security solutions across the world. The solution seeking companies and individuals want IP based cameras

for better and vigilant systems. CROSSLYNX provides IP camera solutions which include video analytics at the edge device, for real-time monitoring. These analytic functions include Face Recognition, Automatic Number Plate Recognition, Red Light Violation Detection System, Adaptive Traffic Control System, Speed Detection, Intelligent Transportation System and Video Analytics.

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In the fast-paced life, companies and customers both want to receive their products on time or be connected with the movement of products on their way to the destination. CROSSLYNX can design real time monitoring systems, deploy these

devices in the field and test the products of our clients. CROSSLYNX can conduct tests to check and rectify latency or lags in data reporting to minimize losses and maximize efficiency.

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Electric Vehicle

Widespread concerns over environmental issues have led to the emergence of new solution for transportation i.e. Electric Vehicles. Countries are embracing this new technology to reduce their carbon credits and become energy efficient.

CROSSLYNX has the ability to test chargers, fast charger, On-board Battery Charger, data communication between the devices and related software. CROSSLYNX can conduct electrical equipment tests which include data communication testing, temperature testing and service life testing; battery performance tests which include overcharge and rated capacity test, battery backup test, charge retention and charging test; safety tests which include under and over voltage test, reverse polarity and short circuit protection test; and relay validation test which include power consumption and thermal performance test.

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